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As in all themes from the following layouts are included:

layout_default.tpl Single-column layout, optionally with teaser
layout_sidebar.tpl Two-column layout, optionally with teaser
layout_landingpages.tpl Single-column layout, ideal for landing pages. An example of this layout is the Features page.

Layout for the blog overview

  • As list
  • in columns
layout_post.tpl View for blog entries (all types: news, galleries, events ...)

All functions and special pages of flatCore CMS are of course included in the themes. This includes

  • The pages for search results,
  • The Page for creating profiles,
  • Edit profile and reset password
  • and the 404 Page.

All themes are based on Bootstrap 5. The source files (SCSS, JS ...) are completely included. Also the folder "node_modules" and the file package.json are included.


Also included are additional plugins for the flatCore CMS

  • this_level_pages.php
    This plugin lists all pages that are on the same "level". This plugin is used for example on the overview page of the documentation.
  • themeswitcher.php
    This plugin allows visitors to change the theme. On this page the plugin is used on the right side of the screen.
  • treeview.php
    If you need a sitemap, you can use this plugin. A demo of the plugin is available here.

Although cookie management is not needed for every project, we have adapted the complete styles of the cookies.mod module to our themes. You can read more about it here.



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